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  Easy GoingThe A.R.T are back again with their 2nd release “Easy Going”.
With “Katjuscha” which was even re-released in Spain The A.R.T. already had a perfect start-up.
In addition to several remixes for “Liquid Spill” The A.R.T. certainly continued hard working and the result
is an essential club anthem.
“Easy Going” enjoys the advantages of banging beats, a little bit of 303, the meanwhile irreplaceable
MC Sugar Ranks and an uplifting “hands-up-in-the-air” hookline.
In addition there are remixes by “Backside Artists” (Remixer for e.g. Shaun Baker, Pinball, etc.)
and the (since “Liquid Spill”) well known “Empyre One” which created together with “Peakmaster” a kick-ass commercial “Hands-Up” Remix.
No sweat ... Easy Going!

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